My name is Joan Romeo and from an early age, I had a keen focus, interest, and respect for family life. I had the unique experience of growing up with 5 sisters and 4 brothers (yes, one of ten children) in a small city rowhouse.


As the oldest daughter, I instinctively took on a “second Mom” role with my younger siblings which ultimately helped set the course for the work I do today. 


Early on in my parenting journey, I enrolled in an Active Parenting Today 6-week class offered in my children's elementary school. The whole idea of parent education was a new concept and I was curious to see what it was all about. The class was one of the best investments I've ever made in my family life and personal growth. The skills and concepts I learned resonated with me back then and still do today in both my personal and professional relationships.


After taking the class, I became a certified Active Parenting Leader and also began co-leading two character education programs developed by Active Parenting Publishers called Free the Horses Self-Esteem Program (for children ages 5 -9 )and Families in Action for Teens-both of which were very well received by the students, their parents and school administration.


I went on to facilitate classes and presentations at my local community college as part of the Adult Continuing Education and College for Kids programs and frequently gave talks on parenting-related topics at libraries, work-sites, Mom's groups & conferences, networking groups, and other organizations that support families, personal growth, and work-life balance issues.


In 2008,  I became a certified Active Parenting Online Leader and Comprehensive Parent Coach. In 2013 I studied with the Relationship Coaching Institute  and received a certification in professional Life Coaching. During this time I was a Member and co-facilitator of a local chapter of Powerful You!-a national women's networking group that supports women in their personal and professional growth.


I'm always open to learning and I enjoy sharing what I learn through coaching and teaching. My personal and professional interests and studies include parenting and family life, personal growth, work-life balance, health & wellness, and entrepreneurship.  


My strengths are my ability to listen deeply (which is what drew me to the coaching profession), put people at ease, get to the heart of a matter and -more importantly-connect to the heart of the person in front of me.


My caring, calm and easy-going nature makes me a good fit for helping parents, especially Moms, overcome obstacles, problems, and stress in their personal and professional lives.


And when I’m not helping others in their family life, I love spending time with my own family!