You’re probably here because you're always looking for ways to make improvements in your life, especially as it relates to parenting and work-life balance.  

Imagine your everyday work and family life running smoothly - no stress, conflicts, or challenges. Your kids are cooperative; chores, homework and other important tasks get done on time, you're feeling energetic, confident, relaxed, and productive at work, able to carve out time just for you, and overall you're experiencing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in all you do.  

If you're like many busy parents today, you might be thinking, 'you don't know my life, I have so much on my plate every day, there's just no way to avoid overwhelm, stress and challenges. Besides, you don't know my kids; they need to be told serveral times to do what they're supposed to do. They're not bad kids, they just need reminders all the time and it's exhausting. In fact, they make me late for work some mornings because they won't get out of bed on time. Then I go to work feeling guilty for losing my cool with them and I'm not as focused as I should be. I threaten them with punishments but usually by the time I get home after a full day's work, I'm either too tired or rushing around to their sports and other activities that I don't follow through.  I know I should make time for myself, but I keep putting everyone else's needs first and my needs last. I'm always hoping my life will slow down and if I knew how to make this happen I would.'

If this sounds more like your life than the one you were asked to imagine, I can show you ways to make it more of a reality and ultimately help you:

alleviate overwhelm and stress

enhance your parenting style 

sharpen your communication skills   

and reclaim time and energy for yourself. 

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