About Joan Romeo


Joan is an experienced parent educator and life coach helping parents improve their day-to-day lives whether it's a conflict with a teen, a resistant toddler, or helping  them find the balance that's right for them.

She bases her work on a proven model of basic parenting principles and life balance strategies, tools, and resources.

Joan has completed studies in parent education,  in addition to life , family, and wellness coaching and recently served as an advisory board member for the newly revised First Five Years™ parenting program developed by Active Parenting Publishers - an industry leader in parent education and other programs.  She has extensive experience as their online facilitator currently overseeing three of their award-winning parenting classes.

Other work experience includes presentations at parenting conferences, networking groups, and family-friendly organizations, along with conducting classes at her local community college for adults and children. Joan also writes weekly newsletter articles relevant to parenting, work-life balance, and stress-management.

She finds great satisfaction in her work helping parents come from their best so they can experience success and fulfillment at home and at work.