Online Parenting Classes


Facilitated by: 

Joan Romeo

Certified Active Parenting Leader

Parents take an Active Parenting class for different reasons. 

Some parents: the convenience of an online class to help them get past problems

...improve their parenting skills  

...are new parents and want to start with good parenting habits 

...want to improve communication with a teen 

 ...want to help their child become more independent 

...or cooperative, respectful, or responsible 

...would like to improve their confidence 

...want to become more patient

...or simply love learning!


An Active Parenting online class is a great way to help with these challenges and goals...and more.

Each class has an abundance of practical tips, insights, and strategies that address many of the common conflicts and problems parents face. No more second-guessing yourself about how to handle problems that come up, you’ll know what to do. 

And if you have questions about something in the lessons, you'll have direct online support when you need it.

There are (4-6) stand-alone lessons in each class on various topics; you pick the class that's right for you. 

Lessons include:


Which parenting style to use and which ones to avoid

How to give age-appropriate choices

How to solve problems with your kids not for them

How to keep communication open with your kids, even your teens

How to set limits that kids will follow

Ways to help instill more courage and self-esteem  

How to understand and redirect unwanted behaviors 

Tips for school success

and more...

To accommodate different learning styles, the Active Parenting online classes include video, an online discussion forum, online support and a Parent Guidebook.

As long as you have access to the internet you can complete the lessons wherever and whenever you like and can review past lessons as many times as you want within a 60 day viewing period . Each class includes a completion certificate.

An Active Parenting Online Class is perfect for Moms, Dads, busy working parents, grandparents, daycare providers or anyone who works with or cares for children and teens.

The Active Parenting online classes are research-based, award-winning programs of the highest quality that are easy to navigate and consistently deliver proven results!


FIRST FIVE YEARS™ (parenting Birth to 5 years old)

Your child's first few years are so important! Learn how to make the most of them with Active  Parenting's  First Five Years ™, a program for parents and other caregivers written by parenting expert (and dad) Dr. Michael Popkin. This self-study course will show you how to nurture your child with a "just right" combination of freedom and nonviolent discipline using entertaining video scenes to demonstrate common parenting challenges and solutions.  

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AP4 (parenting children 5 to 12 years old)

This six-session program will help you guide your child through their elementary and middle school years – a time when children are learning to balance freedoms with responsibility. What happens during these years can help shape how well they manage their teen years. You will learn many strategies for helping your child develop important qualities throughout these years needed to help them make positive decisions when you're not around.  

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(Enroll anytime using Code DSJR)


All too often we hear about the turbulent teen years but they don't have to be this way. Teens have many new challenges and decisions to make during these years but with the right guidance and support, they can do this in positive ways. In fact, they still need the guidance of their parents despite their growing independence. In other words, they need your help as they let go at the same time!  This six-session program can help you learn how to do this most effectively - this is a great class for helping you better understand your teen so you can support them. 

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(Enroll anytime using Code DSJR)

A personal note from Active Parenting Class Leader, Joan Romeo...

I have extensive experience as an Active Parenting online class Leader and love helping parents succeed. I'm committed to helping you have an enjoyable learning experience in any of these classes. You're never alone to figure things out - I'll be there to support you each step of the way you as you go through the lessons. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Comments from those I've supported in the classes...

"I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this class. I have been learning so much. I actually look forward to getting off work and logging on and doing these lessons. On many nights I have stayed up way later than my usual time just because I like learning the information on here. I have never taken a class like this before and I love the way it is all presented. Thank you for your responses and taking your time to respond to my posts.

"Thanks for a very good parenting session. It has been very helpful for me to sit back and think about my actions as a parent and understand some situations where I can handle things in a different way.


“Joan's feedback to all participants was very insightful, sensitive and informative.”

 “Thank you for your leadership during this class.  I have left this class with a lot of wonderful and useful information for my family.  I look forward to implementing more as my children get older. God bless you and thank you very much.”  

*I have a professional relationship with Active Parenting Publishers Inc., which entitles me to receive compensation for facilitating their online classes. Based on my professional experiences, I recommend Active Parenting online classes but also suggest that you review the class information provided at to help you make your own informed decision.   


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