Work-Family Resources

For family-friendly organizations who support working parents.


Are you a family-friendly organization looking for cost-effective ways to help your employees reduce stress and improve work-family balance?  

Both working mothers and fathers are experiencing stress when it comes to  balancing work with raising a family. As a family-friendly employer or organization, you can play a supportive role in helping your employees ease this burden. One very effective way to help your employees is by sponsoring Lunch & Learn seminars (and other programs and materials ) that are specifically designed to help make family life easier which ,in turn, can have a positive effect on work life as well.

I can help save you time (and possibly money) by connecting you to budget-friendly, easy-to-access resources for working parents when they need it most.

Resources cover a variety of basic parenting skills for every stage of parenting using the award-winning, research-based Active Parenting materials. And because these are also life skills parents will be learning, they can also be applied in the workplace to help enhance performance and relationships while contributing to a greater sense of work-family balance. 

Some potential benefits  to you and your employees are: 

  • Enhancement of leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills 
  • Less problems, conflicts, and stress at home and at work 
  • Improved work-family balance
  • Less distraction and absenteeism due to family-related stress
  • Improved workplace productivity, performance, morale, and loyalty
  • Added work-life benefit offering


'Parenting and Life Balance Made Easier" Lunch & Learn Presentation

A stand-alone lunchtime talk that introduces parents to basic parenting and life balance strategies designed to give parents a starting point from which to improve their everyday parenting and life balance challenges. This is an ideal way for organizations to sample a resource and measure outcomes in terms of employee participation/interest.  

This 45-60-minute presentation  offers working parents:

  • A relaxing time-out from everyday work and family life to focus on important matters
  • An insightful and informative perspective on successfully raising children 
  • A definition of life balance they can apply to their own life
  • Simple and practical ways to help cut down on stress and overwhelm
  • An opportunity to reflect on all they do in a positive, encouraging way.

Includes hand-outs



*Multi-session Parenting Programs 

First Five Years™ (for parents of ages 0-5): addresses basic skills for parenting babies and young children, including non-violent discipline and school readiness. Perfect for new parents. Format: Lunch & Learn, Online Class, Online Video Library

Active Parenting 4th Edition (for parents of ages 5-12): helps parents raise responsible children (ages 5-12) who are able to resist peer pressure. Demonstrated non-violent discipline and effective communication skills. Format: Lunch & Learn, Online Class, Online Video Library

Active Parenting of Teens (for parents of ages 12+): includes the essential Active Parenting model, plus discussions about technology, the latest in teen drug use and prevention, teen bullying, and special attention to stepfamilies with a flexible structure allowing for shorter classes and a focus on risk-prevention strategies. Format: Lunch & Learn, Online Class, Online Video Library

Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: a comprehensive parenting program all rolled into one. Teaches how ot build a new family and how to use positive communication and negotiation skills to strengthen both marriage and family  (available as a 3-or-6 session program). Format: Lunch & Learn, Online Video Library

Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce (for divorcing & separated parents)

A multi-session seminar that meets the requirements of many courts for divorcing parents. This class helps parents become aware of how their actions may inadvertently harm their children, while providing them with the skills they need to stay child-focused.

Format: Lunch & Learn, Online Class, Online Video Library

Included in each program:

Parent Guidebooks  (with option to purchase additional books)

Completion certificates

Online Support 

60-day private access 


Select products can be sampled before purchase; prices vary according to package selected; quantity discounts available.

For more information, contact: 

Joan Romeo

Certified Active Parenting Educator

Professional Life Coach